The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

25 Kiljah, the Shiraz vice-regent, told the Mongol army commander that there was a rebellion led by Chief Judge Sharafuddin who was coming from Khurasan with a huge following to occupy Shiraz. The Mongol army -accompanied by Bastu and Kiljah- left Shiraz and headed for where they were expecting Sharafuddin's army to arrive. Sharafuddin, on the other hand, arrived in the village of Kuwar with multitudes of followers and met up with his cousin, Sultan Al-Hassan ibn Ali Shah, at the village bridge. It was not long for the Mongol army to engage in ghting against Sharafuddin's army. The ensuing battle took place in the month of Rajab, 663 AH (April 1265 CE). The result was a decisive defeat