The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

40 After his death, Sultan Ali ibn al-Hassan Sabħa ibn Ali succeeded him to the rule of Kilwa. He ruled over his uncles: Sulaimān, al-Hassan and Daoud, the sons of Ali. Four and half years later, he was succeeded by his uncle Sultan Daoud ibn Ali ibn alHassan who ruled Kilwa for only two years, then left its rule to his son Ali ibn Daoud, and went out to Mombasa where he resided. Kilwa itself witnessed a period of instability when the Malandayan rulers of Mchinga, a coastal town to the south of Kilwa, led their forces and took over the road connecting Mchinga and Kilwa, including the village of Mitole. The war between the Malandayans and the Kilwayans was erce, and it ended with the Malandayans taking over Kilwa and appointing one of their men, Khalid ibn Bakr, to be its ruler.