The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

41 Two and half years into his rule, the people of Kilwa gathered and unanimously agreed he should be removed from power. This happened peacefully; and in his place, they appointed al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān ibn Sultan Ali al-Wāsil. However, twelve years later, the Malandayans re-seized power in the Island of Kilwa by force causing al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān to ee to Zanzibar. They then appointed one of their own as an Emir. This was Muhammad ibn Hussain al-Mundhiri. As the Malandayan Emir of Kilwa, his name was included in the Friday prayers led by Muslim preachers. Twelve years into the reign of Emir Muhammad ibn Hussain, the people of Kilwa decided they had had enough of the Malandayan rule. They agreed to reinstate