The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

43 afterwards, sent the boys with their young appointed king to his father, the ousted king who had ed to Zanzibar, to bring him back to Kilwa to retrieve his rule. Al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān returned to Kilwa in six ships. In the meantime, the arrested Emir Muhammad ibn Hussain al-Mundhiri managed to untie himself and rushed to the coast of Kilwa to meet the ship arriving from Zanzibar. He had wanted to pay homage to Sultan al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān ibn Ali. However, as he tried to shake hands with Sultan al-Hassan, the Sultan rejected the handshake. The boys present misunderstood the situation and thought the Emir was trying to attack the Sultan. As a result, they killed him on the spot. Sultan al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān ibnAli was