The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

42 power into their own. To this end, they gathered their children who were the sons of the Sharif Sultans, and asked them: "Are you happy that your king(1) had been removed from power?" "No, we are not", they all responded. "Let you all then be united in giving bai'ah(2) to the son of your king", the people of Kilwa said. Consequently, a thousand boys of the Sharifs gave bai'ah to the son of Sultan al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān ibn Ali. Then, the people of Kilwa marched to the house of Emir Muhammad ibn Hussain al-Mundhiri, arrested him and tied him up. They, (1) They meant “al-Hassan ibn Sulaimān”, who had to ee to Zanzibar. (2) A pledge of allegiance.