The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

57 conict between the two families, that Isma'īl ibn al-Hussain ibn Sulaimān, the Stabbed, of the al-Mahdi family, be the next Sultan of Kilwa. As the new Sultan, Isma'īl ibn al-Hussain appointed his brother Sulaimān visir and his other brother, Muhammad, Emir.(1) However, Sa'eed ibn al-Hassan AbulMawāhib ibn Sulaimān, the Stabbed, challenged this choice and claimed his right to the throne as the rightful heir being the son of the late Sultan Abul-Mawāhib. His efforts were unsuccessful. Consequently, Sa'eed decided to leave Kilwa to Zanzibar to seek the aid of the Sultan of Zanzibar, Hassan ibn Sultan Abu Bakr. There, Sultan Hassan promised he (1) Emir indicates some right of succession.