The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

58 would support him in his claim. Sa'eed also ended marrying Sultan Hassan's mother. In Zanzibar, Sultan Hassan commissioned a prince named az-Zubair to prepare for the conquest of Kilwa in aid of Sa'eed. To avoid a devastating war, Emir Muhammad of Kilwa sent a secret envoy with one hundred mithqāls(1) of gold to Prince azZubair of Zanzibar, and to tell him "Sultan Isma’īl is sending you this money to help you abandon your war plans against him". Prince az-Zaubair accepted the gift, and the war was averted in betrayal to the previous promise given to Sa'eed. As a result, Sa'eed ibn al-Hassan AbulMawāhib secretly sailed from Zanzibar in (1) A mithqāl of gold is equivalent to 0.137 ounces, or 4.25 grams.