The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

4 The Sultans of Kilwa (A Historical Narrative) First published in 2022 in Arabic as “Sirt Salatin Kilwa” by : Al-Qasimi Publications Author: Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi (United Arab Emirates) ------------------------------------------ Publisher Name: Al-Qasimi Publications Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Edition: First Year of publication: 2022 ©All rights reserved Al-Qasimi publications Sharjah, United Arab Emirates ------------------------------------------ Translated from Arabic by: Dr. Ahmed Ali ------------------------------------------ ISBN: 978-9948-04-920-3 Printing Permission: Media Regulatory Ofce, Ministry of Culture and Youth No. MC 01-03-8912352, Date: 22-08-2022 ------------------------------------------ Printing: AL Bony Printing Press- Sharjah, UAE Age Classication: E The age group that matches the content of the books was classied according to the age classication issued by the National Council for Media ------------------------------------------ Al- Qasimi Publications, Al Tarfa, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road PO Box 64009 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Tel: 0097165090000, Fax: 0097165520070 Email: