The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

5 Table of Contents Introduction 7 Chapter 1: The Nights of Shiraz 13 Chapter 2: The Rebellion of Ibrāhīm Sharafuddin 21 Chapter 3: The Loaded Ship 27 Chapter 4: Occupation of the Kilwa Island 33 Chapter 5: Kilwa Ruled by the Sultans of al-Wāsil Dynasty 39 Chapter 6: Kilwa Ruled by the Sultans of al-Mahdi Dynasty 45 Chapter 7: Rotation of Power between the Al-Wāsil and Al-Mahdi Dynasties 55 Chapter 8: King Mas'ūd son of King al-Mu’ayyad, the Ghassānid. 63 Chapter 9: The First Fitna of Ibn Yārik 71 Chapter 10: The Second Fitna of Ibn Yārik 81 Chapter 11: The Portuguese and the Sultans of Kilwa 89 Appendix I: The Genealogical Tree of the Sultans of Kilwa 101 Appendix II: The Map of Kilwa and Neighbouring Regions 105 References 109