The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

59 four ships and arrived to Kilwa in disguise. As soon as the news reached the ears of Sultan Isma'īl, he issued a decree authorizing the killing of Sa'eed and promised generous awards to whoever brought him Sa'eed’s head. As for Sa'eed himself, he took shelter in the house of the Kilwa Judge, Muhammad. He sought his protection and thought he would be safe there as no one knew his hiding place. However, he overheard Judge Muhammad saying to his son, Isma'īl, "Make sure to cut off his head," meaning Sa'eed’s head. Hearing this, Sa'eed immediately left the house in his disguise and hid in the Kilwa cemetery. The news about Sa'eed’s arrival spread like re in Kilwa. Sultan Isma'īl ordered that Sa'eed’s properties and possessions