The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

67 Ali ibn Tāher then prepared a huge army under the command of his brother, 'Āmer ibn Tāher, and sent it toAden. When Mas'ūd saw the army approaching, he ordered the city gates to be shut, strengthened his fortications and prepared to ght the army led by 'Āmer ibn Tāher. 'Āmer, on the other hand, sent envoys to the people in the fort inviting them to abandon Mas'ūd and join forces with him. They agreed and pledged allegiance to 'Āmer. Mas'ūd realized that he was let down by his people and immediately escaped from Aden to Zaila. He intended to head to the land of the Mahra afterwards as he had family relatives there. However, he got news that Sa'eed ibn Sultan al-Hassan Abul-Mawāhib had become the Sultan of Kilwa. He decided to pay him a visit as he