The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

68 had previously accompanied him in Aden when Sultan Sa'eed was travelling for Hajj with his father al-Hassan Abul-Mawāhib ibn Sulaimān, the Stabbed. They became friends since then. Therefore, when he heard of Sa'eed becoming Sultan, he decided to renew their old friendship and visit him, as has always been the habit when kings are aficted by a change of fortune. Accordingly, when the ousted King Mas'ūd arrived in Kilwa, he was received by Sultan Sa'eed as kings would be expected to be received. He was welcomed, honoured and awarded substantial funds. Mas'ūd stayed in Kilwa for a period of time, then made his way to the Mahra land. A while later, he made another visit to Kilwa, only to nd that his friend, Sultan Sa'eed ibn al-Hassan Abul Mawāhib had