The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

69 passed away. The new Sultan Sulaimān ibn Muhammad al-Mażlūm ibn Sulaimān ibn Muhammad (the Just king) al-Wāsil was not acquainted with Mas'ūd, and as a result, Mas'ūd did not receive the same welcome as before. He was also told by some people of high status in Kilwa: "We ask that you do not come any more to visit us. The country is no longer how it used to be, and the people are of much less means than before. So, avoid coming here that our poor conditions may not be exposed and you may not be shamed." King Mas'ūd then decided to travel to India where he eventually settled and had offspring, too. As for Ali ibn Tāher, he took full control of the whole of Yemen and had a strong grasp on both the rule and the people. He