The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

77 the people would come and stand before him for him to dispense of their affairs. His name as the Sultan was consequently included in the congregational prayers, etc. But as Sultan, he did not appoint an Emir. A while later, he stepped down from his position as Sultan, and appointed Fuđail ibn Sultan Sulaimān ibn Muhammad (the Just King) in his place as Sultan of Kilwa. His rule was in 901 AH. When the ousted Hassan ibn Sulaimān ibn Yārik heard of Faudail's appointment, he made preparations with his supporters to take over Kilwa by force. As he arrived to Mingoyo, south of Kilwa, Ali, the son of the Sultan of Zanzibar, arrived, too. He had been sent by his brother to meet Sultan Fuđail and negotiate with him and with Emir Muhammad Kawāb that they should