The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

76 the Sultan, but Emir Muhammad Kawāb did not allow him. The reason for the objection was the fact that the ousted Sultan Hassan was only from the house of visirs, not kings, while the Sultan in place was one of the descendants of the kings. The dispute resulted in a huge conict, a tnah, and a war ensued between the supporters of each party resulting in multitudes of deaths, and the defeat of the ousted Hassan ibn Yārik, who ed Kilwa to the nearby coastal town of kalia, where he remained for three years. Emir Muhammad Kawāb then removed Sultan Ibrāhīm ibn Muhammad (the Just King) from power and appointed himself Sultan of Kilwa. He sat under the mazallah,(1) like any Sultan did, where (1) The mazallah is a shady area where the African chiefs would sit on a wooden bench to meet their subjects.