The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

94 into pottery containers and brought to the area of Seif. Then the water carriers called for the Portuguese to disembark and come to take the containers to their ship. However, before the Portuguese could make it to the agreed location, a senior slave of Emir Ibrāhīm, named Hāj Ibrāhīm and nicknamed Hāj Kteit, ordered the water containers be removed and taken back to Kilwa. Accordingly, when the Portuguese eventually got to Seif to pick up the water containers, they did not nd any. They returned to their ship very angry and left with the ship to Malande. The Kilwa locals told Emir Ibrāhīm ibn Sulaimān that he had to surrender the boxes of gold coins to Hāj Muhammad Ruknuddin ad-Dābūli who together with his brother, Jurist Ayyūb, were the treasurers of Kilwa