The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

95 under Emir Muhammad Kawāb and Emir Ibrāhīm, too. These two brothers were wealthy traders and tremendously loved and respected by the people of Kilwa for their great generosity, acts of charity and help to all Muslims. The Kilwa people argued that the boxes of gold were but a trust, and must be handed back to their rightful owners, the Portuguese, who would certainly come back to retrieve their property. But Emir Ibrāhīm refused again. In the year 907 AH (1501 CE), the Mayor of Lisbon, Joao da Nova arrived in Kilwa. He was commanding a 4-ship eet going to India that year. As he arrived, Hāj Muhammad Ruknuddin ad-Dābūli contacted him and boarded the ship to meet with him. He informed Joao Da Nova of the