Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

5 Introduction I have purchased a manuscript, dating back to 14 August 1624. It was a Papal Bull, written and sealed by the Pope of Rome, at Rome, in Santa Maria McGwire church, on a papyrus with 65x83 Cm. So, I edited the manuscript. In 1622, the English and Persian forces expelled the Portuguese from Hormuz which they have been occupying for 115 years. The mission of Portuguese commanders together with the priests is Christianization, whether in Hormuz or the Coast of Arabian Gulf. After expelling the Portuguese out of Hormuz, Philip, the king of Portugal had the desire to reoccupy Hormuz; but the financial resources were insufficient for dispatching a military expedition to take Hormuz back. Therefore, he asked for the financial support of the clergymen and the people of Lisbon, so they gave him 200 thousand Cruzados, which was the Portuguese currency at that time. The funds were not enough to establish a fleet for taking Hormuz back. Accordingly, “Pope Urban VIII”, the Pope of Catholic Church issuedAPapal edict in order to raise the necessary funds, estimated to 200 thousand Cruzados to be gathered for one time. I put a translation for the said bull at the beginning of this study, with an appendix containing the fleet details. Also, I tracked its movements and battles until the disaster which they suffered from.