The Book of Allah: A Play on The Conflict between Light and Darkness

T h e B o o k o f A l l a h 14 I am Jābir ibn Ħayyān al-Azdī. I lived in the great city of Kufa between 103 AH and 199 AH (722 – 815 CE). I am known as the Father of Chemistry. My research has led to major advances in chemical sciences. I also invented the first distillation device in the world. The group is heard chanting: With the Message from on High And the teachings of Islam, We spread prosperity and peace; With knowledge and faith, We protect our homelands. Another man walks into the hall pushing a table with various equipment, a musical instrument (Oud/lute) and an ostrich feather plectrum. The man says: “I am Ya’coub ibn Ishaq al-Kindi. I lived between 185 AH and 260 AH (805 – 873 CE). I am a scholar of mathematics, physics, astronomy, philosophy, medicine, engineering, pharmacology, chemistry and geography. There is also another discipline you may not know that I am well-versed in, that is, music. I am the first person to document the notes of the Arabic musical scale and set its principles. Let me play some tunes for you.”