The Book of Allah: A Play on The Conflict between Light and Darkness

T h e B o o k o f A l l a h 15 He takes the Oud and plectrum, then masterfully starts to play some music and sing. The group is heard chanting: With the Message from on High And the teachings of Islam, We spread prosperity and peace; With knowledge and faith, We protect our homelands. A third man walks in. In his hands are some devices used for measuring the distance between planetary objects. He says: “I am al-Hassan ibn al-Haytham. I lived between 353 AH and 431 AH (965 CE – 1040 CE). I am a polymath specialized in optics, astronomy, engineering, ophthalmology, and optical recognition. My discoveries have led to major changes to the optical concepts that were dominant at the time. I established the science of light. Scientists before me believed that when light from the eyes falls on an object, we are able to see it. “Why doesn’t the light come out of the eyes in the dark?”, I asked. I then introduced my theory and proved that light reflects from an object and then passes to one’s eyes; that’s how we see”.