The Audacious

28 Fabre along with Marie Petit travelled to Persia in the company of the Persian Ambassador to Turkey, leaving behind De Ferriol and his threats to send Fabre back to France; but Fabre was already to far away from harm’s reach. In January, 1706, after seventy days of travelling, Fabre and Marie Petit arrived in Yerevan, an Armenian city occupied by the Persians. During that ConstantinopleYerevan journey, Ambassador Fabre borrowed from Marie Petit another 4,200 Livres for his travel expenses. Accordingly, Fabre’s debt to Marie Petit increased to 12,200 livres, for which he signed her another IOU. Upon the arrival of Fabre and his company including his assistant, his majordome, Marie Petit (as Mrs Du Hamel) to Yerevan,