Tu r g u t 21 A Sailor (Looking at what Turgut has seen): A large enemy ship! Turgut (in a commanding voice): Time is running out. If they see us, they will escape. So, let me take them by surprise. No time to pull up the anchors. Leave them as is and let’s advance. Come on, hurry! Turgut leaves the stage. All are rushed here and there. The Turkish sailors start sailing. A Sailor (Looking at the enemy ship) “He addresses a fellow sailor”: Look, Look! This ship is not just one. There are many ships. They can see us head on. They are not running away. The Other sailor: They are coming towards us, crossing the port strait, Turgut’s voice from a distance: Gather all our fleet round the commanding ship. I will make my way through this powerful fleet. Commrades! Advance! Advance! One of Turgut’s officers (heading towards the Commanding ship): Look behimd that large ship. They are ten ships! Ten ships!