Tu r g u t 38 Admiral Barbarossa (walks towards Andea Doria. He faces him and says): I am offering to protect your city against other enemies if this is what it takes. Admiral Andea Doria (directing Barbarossa to the Councils seating area) says: Please. Let us sit so we can discuss Turgut’s release. They both sit on the luxurious seats and talk softly to each other about Turgut … They then stand up and shake hands. Admiral Andea Doria (to the members of the Council of Notables): We have agreed to surrender Turgut in return for 3,500 gold Liras. The Council members look relieved. Admiral Barbarossa (to the Council): The exchange takes place at the port. The two opponents bid each other farewell. The Council members wave Barbarossa good-bye. Barbarossa exits with his guards. -Blackout-