Tu r g u t 40 ships. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent commissioned me to help our ally, France, against the Spanish. On my way back, I decided to free you off their hands. (Barbarossa pats Turgut’s shoulder in happiness) Then he asks Turgut: How did you spend all this long period on board rowing? Turgut: Well, Lolita saw me as I rowed.. You know him, right? The one renowned for defending Malta against the Ottomans. Well, he said to me mockingly ‘Mr Turgut, take it easy. It is the war. That’s how it works. “I replied to him ‘Never mind. It is fate, and fortunes change”. Turgut turns to Barbarossa and says: You know what this means? Lolita himself was once sentenced to row on my ship. Admiral Barbarossa (noticing the arrival of his soldiers) says: Here is the money arriving. Barbarossa received the money bag, inspects it and then hands it over to a member of the Notables Council. The Council members leave.