Tu r g u t 51 The man advances from among the audience to the front of the satge. Admiral Andrea Doria rushes to ask him: What’s the news? The Maltese Commander: Disturbing. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Admiral Andrea Doria: Come on. Get on board. The Commander and the soldier help lift the Maltese Commander to the stage. Admiral Andrea Doria (to the Maltese Commander, puzzled): Bad news? Did the army you sent face any problems? That would be really terrible. Maltease Commander: No, it is worse than this. Admiral Andrea Doria: worse? What could be worse than this? Admiral Andrea Doria, troubled and disturbed, says: They must send the troops. The Ottoman wolf is already in the cage. Maltease Commander (hesitantly): I want to say, Sir, that Turgut is already in mid-sea with his entire fleet.