Tu r g u t 55 Admiral Andrea Doria: Where is Turgut? Where is he? The Sheikh of Djerba points at the distant horizon and says: He sailed away with all his force. Admiral Andrea Doria: Impossible! How did it happen? Sheikh of Djerba: He crossed over the island, through the shallow water passage. Admiral Andrea Doria: This is not possible. How could he do so with all those huge ships? How? How? Sheikh of Djerba: He got them pulled on tree trunks to the open sea. AMessenger (rushes in): Andrea .. Andrea! A disaster! A disaster! Admiral Andrea Doria: What happened? Messenger: When you corresponded with the Commander of Sicily that you had Turgut, all the princes, commanders and nobles there got on one of the ships of the Sicilian commander and headed to receive their staunch enemy and gloat