The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 10 - On 15th March, 1775, the Persian troops led by Karim Khan’s brother, Sadiq Khan, arrived at the eastern bank of Shatt al-Arab. The ships which would transport them to the western bank, had not all arrived. The ones that did immediately joined the Banu Ka’b vessels. Those of Sheikh Nasser’s, the Ruler of Bushehr had, for some unknown reasons, gone to Bahrain, while those of Janaveh never set sails. On 4th April 1775, the Ruler of Basra received a letter from Khalfan, the Ruler of Muscat, telling him that the Imam of Muscat had decided to send two ships to Basra to be in his aid. In early April, Sadiq Khan’s forces of 30,000 men, arrived and besieged Basra.(1) On 1st May, 1775, the English East India Company reopened in Bushehr after amicably settling the disputes that arose between the Persians and the English. In the meantime, a delegation from Basra comprising government officials and some notables arrived with many valuable gifts and headed for Shiraz to present them to its Ruler, Khan Qasim, in order that he might end the Persian siege of Basra.