The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 11 - The war between the Turks and Persians was still ongoing causing the East India Company to suffer repeated substantial losses of income, forcing it to look for an alternative place for its agency headquarters. Then, on May 16, their military encounters at Shatt al-Arab subsided.(2) However, the clashes between the Persians on one side and the Muntafiq Arabs and the Ottomans on the other side, intensified. On 11th Sept, 1775, an Omani fleet of 10 large ships and 70 small vessels of the Jalboat, Dunkiya and Bateel types, was seen passing by Bushehr on its way to Basra to assist the Ottomans. As it arrived to Shatt al-Arab, it could not go forward any further. The Persians had placed metal chains at the entrance of Shatt al-Arab and built fortifications on both sides to prevent any forces from approaching. The water current carrying tree trunks caused the chains to sever two or three times. Owing to the fact that the Persians were too slow and had no experience in the waters of the sea of Shatt al-Arab, they sought the help of the Sheikhs of