The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 14 - Mustafa Pasha, Ruler of Basra, and the Ottoman Sultan regarding withdrawing fromBasra and drawing a peace treaty with the Ottomans. Eventually, all negotiations came to nothing. After finding out that Basra had been occupied, the Imam of Oman decided, on 26th May, 1776, to send Sayyid Haider Ali, on his behalf to Karim Khan Zand, in order to reach a settlement between the two countries. It was said that the Imam was to pay an annual tribute to Karim Khan Zand for the peace between them. After aiding the Persians in their occupation of Basra, Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr, on 30th June, 1776, returned home with all his ships. So did all the other Sheikhs as they withdrew back to their own ports. In spite of the fact that the ships of SheikhAbdullah al-Ma‘ini of Hurmuz, did not play a role in the occupation of Basra, the Sheikh was commissioned by the Persian government to seize all ships entering or leaving Muscat and confiscate any monies they may have had, thus cutting any contacts between Muscat