The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 13 - them. Sadiq Khan sent 6,000 men under the command of his son, Ali Naqwi Khan, and MohammadAli Khan, son of King Karim Khan Zand, to effect the surrender and take-over. The Ruler of Basra was treated well in spite of the fact that he was taken together with his sons into custody in the camp of Sadiq Khan. On 21st April, 1776, Sadiq Khan entered Basra. It was almost completely vacant of its inhabitants who had deserted it leaving behind their properties and belongings. With the exception of two incidents, no looting took place. The two Persians caught for looting were punished by flogging. One of them died as a result. Informed of the fall of Basra, King Karim Khan Zand sent his orders to Sadiq Khan to protect the properties of the residents of Basra, and to arrest the Sheikh of Banu Ka‘b and seize his boats for his role in siding with the Arabs. The Basra people, however, preferred to take shelter in the desert as long as the Persians continued their occupation of Basra.(4) Karim Khan Zand started manipulating both