The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 25 - Chapter Two The Zand Princes and Southern Persia Sadiq Khan arrived in Shiraz from Basra on 4th June 1779. Learning of the atrocities committed by Zaki Khan, in addition to how badly his own female family members were treated by him, he killed Zaki Khan. As a result, Rayes Baqir Khan, Ruler of Tangestan,[1] who was also supported by a military garrison stationed in his camp in Shiraz, fled the scene as he had been put in charge by Zaki Khan, and was instrumental in the maltreatment of Sadiq Khan’s household. Then, Sadiq 1. Tangestan, a narrow strip of land, being a county in Eastern Bushehr. It extends from the mountains to the Persian coast. The Arabians residing in southern Tangestan on the Persian coast called it Tangesir.