The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 26 - Khan removed Mohammad Ali Khan from power, and reinstated Abul-Fatħ Khan as King of Persia. On 28th June, 1779, Rayes Baqir Khan arrived in Bandar Rig. From there, he sent a word to the blind commander of his forces in Tangestan, Rayes Hamid, asking him for military aid. On 29th June, he gathered around 200 camels and 300 of Tangestan men in the assumption that they were to stand against Sadiq Khan’s army who was trying to capture him. He led this gang of men directly to Bushehr after receiving intelligence from some of his own people residing in Bushehr, that two military units had sailed from Bushehr to be in the aid of Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr, who was at the entrance of the Gulf with his roaming ships. He was there rallying supporters to assist him in punishing the Banu Utbah (aka/ Utoubs) in Zubara for their attack of Bahrain. At 2.00 AM, on 30th June, a group of Tangestan men took over Bushehr. They managed to take it by surprise with almost no opposition as only 10-12 men were killed on each of the fighting sides. The