The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 33 - together constituted a fleet of nine Jalboats and five or six Bakaras. They headed for the fort of Rayes Baqir Khan on the Tangestan shore. They arrived there on 7th August, 1779. They besieged the fort from the sea and had three or four large-calibre cannons. A few days into the siege, on 7th August, 1779, it came to their knowledge that Rayes Baqir Khan had fled from the fort. The ships ended the siege and headed home. Rayes Baqir Khan himself had gone on 24th August, 1779, to seek refuge with some Arabian Chiefs based on agreements that they would protect him. He made a visit to Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr, and throw himself at his mercy requesting that he might be treated with compassion in return for surrendering his forts, men, belongings and everything he looted from Bushehr. All this was going on as a result of the central government in Isfahan and Shiraz being too busy to pay attention to what was happening. Another reason for these disturbances was the fact that Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr, being the most powerful and influential