The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 32 - Saadun’s men. The other fort had been occupied by seven boats carrying 200 men from the town of Amri, Tangestan, to defend it. A more stringent siege was needed, and therefore 3,000 men were sent over to this effect. After cancelling his campaign again Zubara which took all his time to muster the troops for, Sheikh Nasser al-Matroushi, arrived in Bushehr on 31st July 1779. He was accompanied by Sheikh Saqr, Ruler of the Haram (Holy Precinct), and two of his Jalboats. There was also Sheikh Nasser bin Nasser al-Zaabi, Ruler of Bahrain. He was also the son of the Ruler of Bandar Rig, who was a Shiite in alliance with the Zand dynasty. His mother was Persian who had escaped after the killing of her husband to Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr. At the time, she was pregnant with her son Nasser who was brought up in the custody of Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr when he was the deputy ruler of Bahrain. Sheikh Nasser bin Nasser al-Zaabi arrived in his own vessel accompanied by two Bushehr Jalboats, three ships of Bandar Rig, and other Jalboats belonging to Janaveh. He had come to meet Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr. Those boats put