The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 48 - Settling in Isfahan, Ja‘far Khan then dedicated his time to fight Qajar. He sent armies to pursue Mohammad Khan Qajar who had gone north. In Isfahan itself, the former governor of Isfahan, Baqir Khan of Khorasan, had taken refuge in the fort of Isfahan with 1,300 men. They were planning to surrender if amnesty from Ja‘far Khan was to be extended to them. On 26th November, 1785, in a twist of fate, Baqir Khan’s men arrested him together with some of the princes in his support and surrendered them to Ja‘far Khan who ordered the beheading of them all. The fort then surrendered, and Ja‘far Khan, who was adamant to get rid of his enemies, led an army from Isfahan to Hamadan, north of the Bakhtiari province, where Mohammad Khan Qajar was said to be hiding. Forty-two km from Hamadan, Ja‘far Khan’s army encountered a group of men belonging to the army of Mohammad Khan Qajar’s. They fought all day, from sunrise to sunset. Initially, Ja‘far Khan’s army was making good progress until the members of the Bakhtiari tribe in his army abandoned him and joined the Qajar’s army. Seeing the change in events, Ja‘far