The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 49 - Khan took an immediate decision to withdraw from battle, which he successfully did with no loss of lives. He retreated with 1,000 men to Shiraz. On 4th May 1786, after occupying Isfahan, Mohammad Khan Qajar appointed as ruler of Isfahan, the son of Baqir Khan of Khorasan, who was beheaded together with his supporting princes by Ja‘far Khan after a false promise of pardon. After that appointment, Mohammad Khan Qajar withdrew to Tehran. As Ja‘far Khan approached Isfahan, he received a request from Sheikh Uwais bin Ali Murad Khan Zand, the cousin of both Shah Murad and Sayed Murad, to take over Isfahan. Ja‘far Khan did not seem to know that the ruler of Isfahan was the son of Baqir Khan of Khorasan. Therefore, he foolishly accepted the invite to seize Isfahan. When he arrived there, he realized that was a hoax, an act of trickery. He ordered that Sheikh Uwais bin Ali Murad Khan Zand be found. Sheikh Uwais was captured and Ja‘far Khan ordered his eyes to be poked out of their sockets and threw him in prison.