The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 51 - comprising 10,000-15,000 men against them. On 22nd September, Kāzerūn surrendered. While in Kāzerūn, Ja‘far Khan called for a meeting with all the local governors in the Shirazadjacent areas. Most of them came for the meeting on 7th October, 1786. Sheikh Nasser al-Matroushi of Bushehr, however, sent on his behalf Sheikh Nasser bin Nasser al-Zaabi with valuable gifts to Ja‘far Khan. Upon finding out that he was the son of the former Sheikh of Bandar Rig, a Shiite in alliance with the Zand dynasty, whose Persian mother had escaped while pregnant after the killing of her husband on 5th July 1745, to Sheikh Nasser of Bushehr, Ja‘far Khan honoured Sheikh Nasser bin Nasser and granted him a khul‘ah, a Persian garment of honour. Ja‘far Khan was planning to conquer Isfahan after collecting the government taxes in arears from those regions. He had instructed the local governors who came to his meeting to pay them off.(3) In November 1786, Ja‘far Khan was still in Kāzerūn waiting for the tax payments to be made in order to