The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 50 - While Ja‘far Khan was looking for the son of Baqir Khan of Khorasan, an army led by Mohammad Khan Qajar appeared on the borders of Isfahan. Ja‘far Khan’s army went to a state of complete shock and chaos. In the disturbance that followed, Ja‘far Khan abandoned all his belongings and treasuries in Isfahan and left. These were looted by the Isfahanis before their city was taken over by the Qajar. Returning to Shiraz, Ja‘far Khan was warmly received; and after a period of calm, he sent a campaign to Kāzerūn, 120 km south of Shiraz. He had a strong disagreement with his army chief, Ali Kuli Khan of Kāzerūn. Ja‘far Khan had sent his army chief to settle the rebels’ situation in Kashan. However, Ali Kuli ended drawing an agreement with the Chief of Kāzerūn granting the rebels too many concessions. Ja‘far Khan was so infuriated that he called for Ali Kuli and theKāzerūnChief tocome toShiraz.Theyboth refused without a pledge of safety from Ja‘far Khan. This he gave; but when they arrived he imprisoned them both. Consequently, Kāzerūn revolted against Ja‘far Khan, who himself led a military campaign