The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 57 - with 300 men to Shiraz. When he got there, he found the four gates closed to him. Therefore, he rushed to Bushehr where he found Sheikh Nasser bin Nasser al-Zaabi and the Bushehr notables in support of the governor of Shiraz. To regain his reputation, Lotf Ali Khan Zand had to unfortunately fight some minor powers around. He recruited some fighters and ended fighting some forces which attacked him from Bushehr and Kāzerūn. Defeating them, he headed secretly to Shiraz and met an army led by Mostafa Kuli Khan Qajar, who had come to receive Shiraz from its governor, Haji Ibrahim, who surrendered it. Another Qajar force arrived and attacked Lotf Ali Khan Zand, who managed to launch a strong counter attack and defeated the Qajar army. Positively responding to a request from Haji Ibrahim, Shiraz governor, Mohammad Khan Qajar led by himself a 40,000-man army against Lotf. However, in spite of their small number, Lotf’s cavalry succeeded in defeating the early attackers