The Decline and Fall of The Zand Dynasty

- 58 - from the army of Muhammad Khan Qajar near Takht Jamshid, 66 km to the east of Shiraz. The same night, Lotf Ali Khan Zand attacked the emergency detachment of the Qajar army during their sleep and controlled the army. Mohammad Khan Qajar escaped, and Lotf Ali Khan Zand ordered his men to loot the Qajar command tents. Then, he waited for dawn. In the meantime, he dosed off a little, only to be awakened by what he thought to be the call for the dawn prayers. The sounds he was hearing turned out to be screams for help. He then realized that Muhammad Khan Qajar had launched an attack against the outnumbered force which dispersed in all directions. There was also a group of Arab recruits guarding the tents of the Qajar commander that night, but ended looting them. Lotf Ali Khan Zand escaped with a group of his close people to Kerman fearing for their lives. This was in summer 1792. For two years, Lotf gathered supporters to help him in his fight against Mohammad Khan Qajar. In summer 1794, he returned to Kerman where he stayed for four