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His Highness reveals latest literary and historical publications

Sultan unveils development projects in Kalba

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, unveiled his latest literary and historical publications, and several development projects in Kalba.

His Highness’s latest publications included "The Inquisition", which is an investigation of twenty-three files of cases against Muslims in Andalusia, in addition to a set of translations of the Holy Quran detecting and revealing the distortion old translations have done on it. His Highness’s publications also included a book about the Portuguese occupation of Hormuz, as well as a book that compiles and chronicles the history of the entire Gulf from its early formation, which will fall in about 11 or 12 volumes.

His Highness also announced a package of development projects in the emirate, which include developing Kalba Corniche, renovating old buildings, and constructing 105 buildings, 319 stores and 490 flats, in addition to the "Al Ghail Dam" project that can provide water reserves for the emirate enough for a period of 6 months in the event of an emergency, and Al Hayar, project which will include covered, cooled houses to facilitate cultivation, the Kalba Museum, “Al Dhaid Safari”, gas connection to Al Dhaid, and the “Khorfakkan Theatre.

This came during His Highness’ intervention via the Direct Line Programme, broadcast live on Sharjah Radio and Television.

During the intervention, His Highness said: “I issued the book “The Inquisition”, which is an investigation of twenty-three files for cases against Muslims in Andalusia, and this book differs from “I condemn” which talks about who made decisions from the king to the government. The new book deals with secret courts that practice executions and arson and many things against Muslims, and perhaps the Spanish people still haven’t the faintest idea about, because they are all kept secret. I was able to reach 23 manuscripts in the form of trial files, and I searched and investigated them. The book will be available in libraries very soon, God willing. "

His Highness added: "It is true that the book is large in size, but the style of writing the files was smooth and attractive. Every file tells a story, and it is fun and educates one on his religion. What is peculiar about these trials is that those Muslims knew the Spanish language, but they refused to speak it, and insisted on speaking Arabic, to the point that a translator from Arabic into Spanish and vice versa was brought to translate what was said.”

His Highness continued: "In these circumstances and this misfotune, and in spite of the fact that there were those who pay lip to words and vilify and slander religion, they did not respond to them until the translator translated for them. We now are simply neglecting our language. Those were preserving their language despite the suffering they were experiencing."

His Highness added: "I believe that this book will have a direct impact, God willing, and we demand at least to regain the Mosque of Cordoba. I have previously demanded this, and they told me that the municipality had given it to the church. I said to them:" You have given who do not have to those who do not deserve." This belongs to us, Muslims, yet its return is easy and close, God willing."

His Highness proceeded: "I am now in the process of issuing a set of translations of the Holy Quran, which will reveal and detect the distortion caused by old translations. So, this valuable Quran must be preserved.”

“I have another small book that deals with the Portuguese occupation of Hormuz. When one of their leaders whose brother participated and was killed in the Crusades in North Africa, he was filled with extreme hatred and borne a grudge against Muslims. Based on this situation, I decided to name the book the "Hidden Hatred", because when grudge began in 1507, it continued until 1624,” His Highness added.

His Highness went on: "In 1620 Hormuz fell to the Portuguese, and they wanted to regain it, so the Pope issued an order written on a manuscript which is in my possession now. The script is a large leather of a meter wide and a meter and a half long, and a papal order was written in it addressing all the churches and institutions, ordering them to raise fund so that they could regain Hormuz and preserve Christianity in those areas, and they could raise fund of 700 kilos of gold."

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah continued: "Then the fleet came and arrived in India and there, special warships were built, and, thank God, both the fleet and the attempt completely failed, and that was a victory for the Muslims. I also covered all the details of this fleet, what happened in Hormuz and how many people were converted to Christianity, including the slaves who sought to obtain their freedom and many others. This book narrates all the Christian practices in Hormuz.”

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi revealed another publication: "I am now working on writing the history of the entire Gulf from its early days, which will appear in about 11 or 12 volumes two of which I have accomplished so far.”

From Khorfakkan to Kalba

About the new development projects in the emirate, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi said: "After we had completed the development work in Khorfakkan, we quickly moved to Kalba where the completion of the work will take 14 months. These projects include the Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Road project which is almost ready, and the right side of the beach will be completely opened, so that pedestrians can see the sea waves from their cars."

New buildings

His Highness added: "We are also demolishing old buildings which are no longer of use, and we will rebuild them in a modern style, and given the high temperatures in the area surrounding these buildings, we directed building an air-conditioned corridor so that people can shop comfortably. We also have another project, which funding the building of houses for citizens on their lands, this includes 105 buildings, 319 shops and 490 flats, and each house consists of a ground floor, two floors above, and lifts.”

Kalba Corniche

His Highness continued: "We are also working on a project to develop the area in the back of the Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Mosque, where the Kalba Square and a vegetable and fruit market will be established akin to the Souq Al Jubail in Sharjah. We have already made considerable development in the Corniche area, and we have only a little left such as agriculture and other aesthetic touches; this Corniche in not less beautiful than the Khorfakkan Corniche."

Al Ghail Dam

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah went on to say: "We are now working on the Al Ghail Dam project, which is a rain water gathering, and is now largely a copy of Al Rafisah Dam, and we will add a parking lot for trailers. Water and electricity services will be available in this project, located on Ring Road, on the direction coming from Sheikh Khalifa Road."

Water reserves

In a proactive view, based on the principle of challenging disasters and crises, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah said: "We are also working on establishing a 1,800- metre – long Al Hafiya Lagoon, near the hanging gardens. The lagoon will provide a reserve of water for the area for six months in the circumstance that the water desalination plants have broken down.”

Agricultural development

About agriculture in Kalba, His Highness pointed that it is lagging and lamentable though people spare no effort to fix the problem. He commented that he will exploit Al Hayar “stone area” where a selected part of this region will be used to build covered and cooled houses, and each farmer there will be given a project under the government’s management in cooperation with experts. On these farms, no harmful fertilizers or pesticides will be used, His Highness explained unveiling that another similar project in Al Dhaid, in the east of the Al Bardi area, is being built under the supervision of the Sharjah Directorate of Public Works (SDPW).

His Highness said that work will continue to develop lagoon front as Shurooq has contracted with a new contractor, who promised to accomplish work within 6 months. In this context, His Highness addresses Kalba: "We are all yours; give us time, we’ll make the difference.”

Internal roads

Moreover, His Highness said that work on internal roads is in full swing, but will need a considerable amount of time to be accomplished as we are working according to priorities.

Kalba Museum

Within the series of pleasant surprises announced by His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, is the Kalba Museum on Khor Kalba, which will contain everything, and His Highness garners personal attention to it, adding that he had made some modifications on the project’s design. His Highness also unveiled a breakwater project that runs along the Corniche Street in Kalba, where coral will be grown to which fish will be attracted and fishing will be enjoyed.

Natural gas project

Regarding the gas project, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah said: “The gas project now is everywhere, so Kalba and Khorfakkan already have gas, and now Al Dhaid will be supplied with natural gas; Al Siyouh gas station in Al Rahmaniyah will provide Al Dhaid with the natural gas.


On electricity, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah said he wanted every citizen to enter his home filled with happiness, having no worry about anything. He added that the government is committed to the electricity old prices, and people who receive social benefits are completely exempted from electricity bills.

Khorfakkan Theatre

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah said: “I wanted to build a theatre in Khorfakkan and I was looking for a suitable place for this project, and an idea came to me and implemented it. I cut a rocky mountain to build the theatre, in front of which a place for celebrations with parking lots, in addition to a waterfall near the theatre named “Cave waterfall”, "from where visitors can see the city of Khorfakkan through the glassy water.

Numerous projects

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah also said that there are still many projects up our sleeves, including plantation of mountains on the road from Khorfakkan to Shis. All these projects will be accomplished, but work was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Al Dhaid Safari

His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah also disclosed the safari project in Dhaid that will be opened in November, adding that the project will include so many animals, where the visitor will feel as if he is in the trenches and valleys of Africa, and where 31,000 trees have been planted bringing the total number of trees to 120,000 and more will be added.

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi concluded his intervention expressing appreciation to the efforts of all those working on these projects wishing goodness, safety and good luck for all.