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Sultan: Geological museum in Bahis represents investment in nature and people

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the UAE Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, has unveiled a project to establish a geological museum in Bahis area with a total cost of 32 million dirhams.

The project is as an investment in the nature and in the people, he described.

He explained that an important project will be executed on the northern side of Khor Fakkan, adding that the project will be announced on time.

In an interview with live show the 'Direct Line (Al Khat Al Mubasher in Arabic) broadcasted on Sharjah TV and Radio, he dealt with reserves, the nature of regions surrounding them and the way to protect and maintain them.

Bahis reserve includes fossils, but the City reserve is confined to mountains and is not affected by spoilers, he said, undertaking to maintain them and not to keep them and not leave any one to mess it up.

The Ruler of Sharjah noted that a decree will be issued soon on another reserve, Seafront in Khor Fakkan.

Another important reserve exists behind this mountain, which is located in front of the city from the east.

This reserve is gradated on a beach and then on a mountain, he said. "We will open a road in the whole mountain and the opening will be made this year, so that the visitors could pass through."

The 2-km marine reserve does not include buildings, but it includes motels, and various services and everything will be available, he said.

"We have another reserve in Kalba called (Al Hafiah) from Al Qarm reaching to the sea to the beach," he expounded.

The turtles come to this area to hatch their eggs and live on the crabs.

He noted that Al Qarm and Al Khor are registered in UNESCO and after closing and fencing; the birds increased 30 percent and returned to live in the area due to the environment and protection.

He underscored that there are important places, they are working to maintain, such as the mountains between Khor Fakkan and Shis, which are considered reserves.

At the opening, the visitor will find all services at one place even in order not to distort the place.

He explained that he personally supervised the project, even planting the mountain, so that each mountain has its own privacy.

There are treed grooves between mountains and the project includes a lake, restaurant, motel and boats and will be opened by the end of the next April.

He went on to say that from the north in the direction of the last mountain in Khor Fakkan, there will be El Walyah and El Zabara Corniche, which will be similar to Khor Fakkan Corniche.

Another project in Kalba are still in progress as well as several projects such as building kindergarten and schools for coping with the increase of population.

He stressed his keenness on maintaining the privacy of such areas and keep it away from the impact of city expansion.