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Egyptian Journalists: The generosity of establishing a journalist training institute is an achievement that will reflect positively on our mission

Egyptian journalists have appreciated the generosity of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah who has established a EP 50 m Institute for training and Technology in the Egyptian Journalists Union. They considered it as an achievement that will have a strong positive impact on journalism and media message. "HH has many good deeds in various fields in Egypt, especially culture, arts, literature and history. He has contributed to establishment of several libraries and institutions including the Egyptian Society for history, Language Complex and development of laboratories and libraries of University of Cairo", they said. They also suggested that it is not surprising that he has established this institute which is first of its kind in the ME. "The institute will enhance the professional capabilities of the press and media and create additional value for the journalists which will reflect positively on the media message and formation of awareness", they added. 

His Highness' good deeds covers various fields in Egypt

The representative of Journalists and Chairman of Al-Ahram Foundation, Abdul-Mohasin Salama said that H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi has many good deeds for Egypt, not only for establishment of the Institute of Training & Technology for the Egyptian journalists, but also in the cultural, media and historical fields. He added that HH Ruler of Sharjah is known for his passion for culture, literature, arts and history as he has previously renovated the library, Language Complex and the Egyptian History Society. He has also contributed to establishment of many libraries in Cairo University as he loves humanity, reading, knowledge, progress and urbanization. He is not a stranger in the world of journalism as he has been a journalist and he is aware of its value and contribution to the formation of public opinion and society enlightenment.

He is a considerate person who mixes culture, civilization and future

The journalist Abdullah Alsinawi said that Egypt is always in H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi's heart as he is a man who is interested in mixing culture, civilization, history and future. His donation to establishment of institute of training and technology in the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate is not new. It aims to create a new generation of distinguished Egyptian journalists who are equipped with science, knowledge, technology and culture. Alsinawi added that HH has several good deeds in Egypt. He feels gratitude since he has been a student at the faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University in 1960s. Since his graduation and return to UAE he has been thinking about how to reward it. So, he has contributed to establishment of several cultural and historical institutions. Every time he visits Egypt, he always brings good, especially in the cultural and scientific areas where he has established a modern building for the Association of Egyptian and Arab historians. He has also established several libraries in the Faculty of Agriculture and Cairo University. He has also renovated the Scientific Complex which had been burned during the revolution of 25th of January.

An Arab man who always strives to contribute to capacity building and culture promotion

Diaa Rashwan, Chairman of Public Authority of Information and the former Representative of Journalists said that HH the Ruler of Sharjah's contribution in various fields in Egypt comes within his passion for science, knowledge and culture and his recognition of the importance of culture and sciences for nations' progress. Mr. Rashwan added that the training and technology center established by HH will remain a milestone for the Egyptian and Arab journalists as it is equipped with the latest advanced technology that will enhance capabilities and skills of journalists and media professionals. Mr. Rashwan said that the Egyptians cannot forget HH's favors for intellectuals and scholars in Egypt as he is a frequent initiative and a generous man. He stressed that HH's passion for Egypt and his Arabian initiatives always motivate him to contribute to capability development and enhance culture, science and arts.

A unique model of intellectual Arab man

Jamal Fahmy Former Deputy Journalists Syndicate said that it is not surprising that HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan has done this new contribution to journalists and culture generally in Egypt. Fahmy added that HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi has good contribution to several projects including Egyptian and Arab writers or historians as he is considered one of the most important historian, or University of Cairo and other cultural and enlightenment areas in Egypt. Fahmi said HH is a unique model of enlightened Arab man who is loyal to his faith and passion for Egypt and Egypt exchanges this love and respect with him. He added that HH loves Egypt and it is just like his first home. He is a unique model that attracts flashes from others as he distinguishes himself by his limitless interest in culture generally and the Arab World and Egypt interests in particular.

Ayman Abdul Majeed, a member of the Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate and Editor of Rose alyousuf Gate and supervisor of the Training and Technology Centre said that HH Ruler of Sharjah is a person with enlightening thought that loves science and culture and a lover of Egypt and Egyptian people. He has greatly contributed to supporting Egyptian media and audience by funding the establishment of the Institute of Training and Technology at the Journalists' Syndicate, especially that the public is the consumer of the media message.

Source: Al-Khaleej Newspaper