Da'esh (ISIS) and Al Ghabra'a

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4 First Published in 2019 First Published in Arabic in … as Dahis wal Gabraa By Al Qasimi Publications Copyright @ 2018 By Sulthan bin Muhammad al Qasimi The moral right of the author has been asserted No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, Without written permission from the published, exept in the case of brief quotation embodied in critical article or reviews. Al Qasimi Publications Dr. Sulthan Al Qasimi Centre P.O. Box: 43344 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Tel: 00971 65090000, Fax: 00971 6520070 Email: info@aqp.ae ------------------------------------------------------------------- Printing Permission: National Media Council, Abu Dhabi, UAE No. Pringing: Digital World Printing Press, Sharjah, UAE Age Classification: E ISBN

5 IYm ]m{X§Ä hnZqjI³ Hcp kwLw IpXnc¸SbmfnIÄ Zp_v--bm³ tKm{Xw: Zp_v--bm³ tKm{X¯nse Hcp kwLw Aiz`S·mÀ lwev _n³ _Zv --À N§mXn (lwep _n³ _Zv--dnsâ kplr¯v) lpssZ^Xp _v³ _Zv--À (lwep _n³ _Zv--dnsâ ktlmZc³) lwensâbpw lpssZ^bpsSbpw A\pbmbnIfpsS Hcp kwLw A\pbmbnIfn HcmÄ A_kv tKm{Xw: A_kv tKm{X¯nse Hcp kwLw Aiz`S·mÀ ssJkv _n³ kpsslÀ A_kv tKm{X¯nse ap³ \nc ssk\nI kwLw amenIv _v³ kpsslÀ (ssJkp _n³ kpssldnsâ ktlmZc³) iÐ§Ä (kwLw) IpXnc¸Sbmfn _m¦nsâ hnfn\mZw iÐw

6 cw-Kw þ H-¶v Ø-ew: AÂJ-kow {]-hn-iy: K-Yv--^m³ tKm-{X- ¯n-sâ D-]-hn-`m-K-§-fm-b A-_-kv, Zp- _v--bm³ tKm-{X-§Ä A-[n-h-kn-¡p-¶ {]-tZ-iw Im-ew: {]-hm-N-I³ ap-l-½-Zv \-_n-bp-sS \n-tbmK-¯n-sâ A-¼-Xp hÀ-j-§Ä-¡p ap-¼v. (A-Ãm-lp-hn-sâ I-cp-WmI-Sm-£-§Ä \- _n-bp-sS ta k-Zm-hÀ-jn- ¡p-am-dm-I-s«) hn-P-\-am-b a-cp-{]-tZ-iw. km-[m-c-W-¡m-cm-b _-Zp-¡Ä Xm-a-kn-¡m-dp-Å H-cp Iq-Sm-cw am-{Xw A-hn-sS Im-Wmw. Iq-Sm-c-¯n \n-¶pw c-p sN-dp-¸-¡mÀ C-d-§nh-cp-¶p. A-Xn-sem-cmÄ [r-Xn-bn X-sâ Ip-Xn-c-bp-sS A-Sp-t¯-¡p sN-¶v A-Xn-\p ap-I-fn I-b-dm³ X-¿msd-Sp-¡p-¶p. a-®n-sâ \n-d-ap-Å B Ip-Xn-c-bp-sS t]-cv "K-_v--dm--Av' F-¶m-Ip-¶p. A-Xn-sâ D-S-a-Ø-\m-b A-iz- `-S-sâ t]-cv lw--ev _n³ _-Zv--À F-¶pw. A-t±-lw Zp-_v-- bm³ tKm-{X-¡m-c-\m-Wv.

7 A-tX k-a-bw X-s¶ Zq-sc \n-¶pw "A-_-kv' tKm-{X-¯n s]-« H-cmÄ "Zm-ln-kv' F-¶p t]-cp-Å IpXn-c-¸p-d-t¯-dn A-Sp-¯-Sp-¯p h-cp-¶p-v. A-t±-l-¯nsâ t]-cv "ssJ-kv _n³ kp-sslÀ' F-¶m-Ip-¶p. Aizm-cq-U-\m-b B sN-dp-¸-¡m-c³ lw-ep-- _n³ _-Zv--dnsâ-bpw kp-lr-¯n-sâ-bpw ap-¶n-eq-sS H-cp an-¶Â ]nWÀ t]m-se I-S-¶p t]m-bn. A-Xp {i-²n-¨ lw--ev _n³ _-Zv--À N-§m-Xn-tbm-Sp tNm-Zn-¨p: B-cm-Wm bp-hm-hv? N-§m-Xn: A-Xp ssJ-kp _n³ kp-ssl-dmWv. A-_-kv tKm-{X-¯n-se A- §-bp-sS am-Xp-e ]p-{X-·m-cn-semcmÄ. lw-ep _n³ _-Zv--À: I-®-©n-¸n-¡p-¶ th-K-¯n t]m-b B Ip-Xn-c G-Xm-Wv? N-§m-Xn: s]m-Sn-]-d-¯n Ip-Xn-¨p ]m-bp-¶ B Ip-Xn-c-bm-Ip-¶p 'Zm-ln-kv' ssJ-kp-_n³ kp-ssl-dn-s\-bpw h-ln-¨v No-dn- ¸m-ªp t]m-b Ip-Xn-c s]-s«-¶p Xn-cn-¨p h-¶p. N-Sp-ehpw Iq-eo-\-hp-am-b ImÂ--sh-¸p-I-tfm-sS \-S-¶p h-¶v A-Xp ssa-Xm-\-¯p \nÂ-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶ c-p bp-hm- ¡-fp-sS ap-¼n sN-¶p \n-¶p. Ip-Xn-c-¸p-d-¯p \n-¶pw sN-dp-¸-¡m-c³ Xm-sg-bn-d-§n. ssJ-kp _n³ kp-sslÀ (Pn-Úm-k-tbm-sS): a-\-Ên-em-bn-Ã; B-cm-Wv? .... Hm, lw-ev _n³ _-Zv--À A Zp-_v--bm- \n B-W-tÃ?

8 lw-ep _n³ _-Zv--À: am-Xp-e]p-{Xm, kp-{]-`m-Xw t\-cp- ¶p ssJ-kp_n³ kp-sslÀ: G-Xm-Wo kp-µ-c-\m-b A-izw? lw-ev _n³ _-Zv--À: C-Xm-Wv 'A K-_v--dm--Av' ]-s¦- Sp-¯ F-Ãm ]-´-b-§-fn- epw hn-Pb In-co-Sw Nq-Sn-b-h³. ssJ-kp _n³ kp-sslÀ: Zm-ln-kn-s\ tXm-ev-]n-¡m³ AXn-\p I-gn-bp-sa-¶v F-\n-¡p tXm- ¶p-¶n-Ã. lw-ev _n³ _-Zv--À: hm-Xp sh-¡m-\p-tm? ssJ-kp _n³ kp-sslÀ: F-´p In-«pw? lw-ev _n³ _-Zv--À: ]-´-b-¯n B-cp-sS Ip-Xn-c Pbn-¡p-¶p-thm A-hÀ-¡v \q-dv H-«- I-§Ä k-½m-\w e-`n-¡pw. ssJ-kp _n³ kp-sslÀ: D-d-¸n-t¨m? lw-ev _n³ _-Zv--À: D-d-¸n-¨p. ssJ-kp _n³ kp-sslÀ: A-sX Rm-\pw k-½-Xn-¨p. c-p t]-cpw l-kv-X-Zm-\w \Â-In ]n-cn-ªp. C-cp-h-cpw A-h-cp-sS Ip-Xn-c-I-fp-sS ]p-d-¯p I-bdn. ti-jw X-§-fp-sS Ip-Xn-c-I-fp-sS Xn-®-an-Sp-¡p-IÄ

9 {]-ZÀ-in-¸n-¡m-\m-bn H-¶p Np-än-b-Sn-¨p. D-S³ X-s¶ AhÀ Hm-tcm-cp-¯-cpw A-h-c-h-cp-sS ho-Sp-I-fn-te-¡p IpXn-¨p ]m-ªp. hn-Zq-j-I³: ssJ-kp _n³ kp-sslÀ A-_-kv tKm- {X-¯n-se Ip-Xn-cm-e-b-¯n-te-¡pw lwep--_n³ _-Zv--À Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-¯n-se Ip-Xn-cm-e-b-¯n-te-¡pw e-£yw sh-¨p ]p-d-s¸-«p. c-p t]-cp-sS-bpw D-t±-iyw hm-Xp-sh-¸n-s\ Ip-dn-¨pw ]-´-b-s¯ Ipdn-¨pw X-§-fp-sS tKm-{Xmw-K-§-sf hn-hcw A-dn-bn-¡p-I F-¶-Xm-bn-cp-¶p.

10 cw-Kw: c-v Ø-ew: Ip-Xn-c-¸-´-b-¯n-sâ ^n-\n-jnwKv t]m-bnâv hn-Zq-j-I³: ]-´-bw Xp-S-§n-bn-«v G- Xm-\pw Znh-k-§-fm-bn. ]-´-bw \-S-¡p-¶ ]m-X ssZÀ-Ly-ta-dn-b-Xm-Wv. aÕ-c-¯n ]-s¦-Sp-¡p-¶ Ip-Xn-cIÄ-¡v a-cp-`q-an-bn-se \n-c-h-[n Ip-¶n³ ]p-d-§-fpw Im-Sp-I-fpw ae-s©-cn-hp-I-fpw Xm-t--Xpv. Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-¯n-se H-cp Iq- «w ]-S-bm-fn-IÄ C-Xm ]-Sn-ªmdp \n-¶pw C-hn-sS F-¯n-bn-cn-¡p- ¶p. A-h-sc \-bn-¡p-¶-Xv lw--ep- _n³ _-Zv--À B-Wv. A-t±-l-¯ns\m-¸w k-tlm-Z-c³ lp-ssZ-^- Xp_n³ _-Zv--dpw c-p t]-cp-sSbpw G-Xm-\pw A-\p-bm-bn-I-fp-apv.

11 A-\p-bm-bn-I-fnÂ- H-cmÄ: Hm, lw-ep-_n³ _-Zv--À, c-p IpXn-c-I-fpw F-t¸mÄ C-hn-sS F- ¯n-t¨-cp-sa-¶m-Wv Xm-¦Ä {]-Xo- £n-¡p-¶-Xv? lw-ep--_n³ _-Zv--À: G-Xm-\pw k-a-b-¯n-\p-Ån Xs¶ C-hn-sS F-¯n-bn-cn-¡pw. ti-jw A-t±-lw A-\p-N-cÀ-¡p t\-sc Xn-cn-ªp sImp ]-d-ªp lw-ep-_n³ _-Zv--À: sXm-«-Sp-¯p-Å B a-e-s©-cp-hn- \p k-ao-]w H-fn-¨n-cn-¡m³ \n-§- tfm-Sv Rm³ B-h-iy-s¸-Sp-¶p. \- ½p-sS A-izw K-_v--dm-C-s\ Zm-lnkv a-dn-I-S-¡p-¶-Xv \n-§Ä ImWp-I-bm-sW-¦n A-Xn-sâ apJw I-hÀ-¶v h-gn Xn-cn-¨p hn-SWw. H-cn-¡-epw K-_v--dm-C-s\ a-dnI-S-¡m³ Zm-ln-kn-s\ A-\p-h-Zn- ¡-cp-Xv. th-Kw ]p-d-s¸-Sq. D-S³ ]-d-ª-Xv A-\p-k-cn-¡q. A-\p-bm-bn-IÄ ]n-cn-ªp t]m-Ip-¶p lw-ep-_n³ _-Zv--dn-\pw k-tlm-Z-c³ lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _-Zv--dn-\p-sam-¸w Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-¯n-se aq-¶p t]À A-hn-sS X-s¶ \n-e-sIm-p.

12 hn-Zq-j-I³: A-Xm, A-_-kv tKm-{X-¯n-se Hcp ]-äw ]-S-bm-fn-IÄ In-g-¡p \n- ¶pw I-S-¶p h-cp-¶p. ssJ-kp-_n³ kp-sslÀ A A-_-kn-bm-Wv A-h-cp-sS \m-bI³. A-t±-l-¯n-s\m-¸w k-tlmZ-c³ am-en-Ip-_n³ kp-sslÀ A A-_-kn-bpw D-v. i-Ð-§Ä: (hm-bp-hn D-bÀ-¶p tIÄ-¡p-¶p) K-_v--dm-Av C-Xm F-¯n-t¨À-¶ncn-¡p-¶p. K-_v--dm-A¬ F-¯n-bncn-¡p-¶p. hn-Zq-j-I³: K-_v--dm-Av C-Xm ^n-\n-jnw-Kv t]mbân-se-¯n-t¨À-¶p. Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-¡mÀ X-§-fp-sS t\-Xm-hv lw-ep-_n³ _-Zv--dn-sâ ap-¼n h-¶p ap-«p-Ip-¯n. Ip-d-¨p I-gn-ª-t¸mÄ Zm-ln-kv F-¶ Ip-Xn-c-bpw h-¶p. ti-jw A-Xv A-_-kv tKm-{X-¡mÀ Iq-Sn-bn-cn-¡p-¶ Øe-t¯-¡p \-S-¶p sN-¶p. A-t¸mÄ A-Xn-s\ \-bn-¨n-cp- ¶ A-iz-`-S³ D-d-s¡ \n-e-hn-fn-¡p-¶p-m-bn-cp-¶p. A-iz-`-S³: Rm-\m-bn-cp-¶p ap-¶n-se-¯n-bncp-¶-Xv. B a-e-s©-cp-hn H-fn- ¨n-cp-¶ Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-¯n-se H-cp kw-Lw Zm-ln-kn-sâ I-Snªm¬ I-hÀ-¶v A-Xn-sâ ap-Jw

13 e-£y-¯n \n-¶p Zn-i-Xn-cn-¨p hn-Sp-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. A-§-s\-bmWv K-_v--dm--Av ap-¶n-se-¯n-b-Xv. C-Xp N-Xn-bm-Wv. sIm-Spw N-Xn! hn-Zq-j-I³: A-t¸mÄ lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _- Zv--À C-§-s\ ]-d-ªp sIm-v NmSn-sb-gp-t¶-äp lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _-Zv--À: Hm, ssJ-kv, Xm-¦-fp-sS B-fp-Isf-Ãmw N-Xn-b-·m-cpw h-©-I-cpam-Wv. hn-Zq-j-I³: s]-s«-¶v lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _-Zv-- À ssJ-kn-\p t\-sc Ip-Xn-¨p sN- ¶v aq-¶p {]m-h-iyw C-§-s\ hnfn-¨p ]-d-ªp. lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _-Zv--À: \n-§Ä sIm-Spw N-Xn-b-·m-cm-Wv. \n-§Ä N-Xn-bpw h-©-\-bpw Ipe-s¯m-gn-em-¡n-b-h-cm-Wv. ssJ-kp-_n³ kp-sslÀ: Hm, lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _-Zv--À, Xm- ¦Ä-¡p ]n-cn-ªp t]m-Ip-¶-XmWv \-Ã-Xv.

14 hn-Zq-j-I³: F-¶m lp-ssZ-^ ssJ-kn-s\ sh-Ãp-hn-fn-¨p. (c-p t]-cpw G-äp-ap-«p-¶p) ssJ-kp-_n³ kp-ssl-dn-sâ A-{]-Xo-£n-X-am-b {]-lc-¯n lp-ssZ-^ tN-X- \-b-äv \n-e-¯p ho-Wp. Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-¡mÀ: (BÀ-¯-«-l-kn-¨p sIm-v) lw-ep-_n³ _-Zv--dn-sâ k-tlm-Zc³ lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _-Zv--À sIm-Ã-s¸-t«... lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _-Zv--À sIm-Ãs¸-t«... hn-Zq-j-I³: A-Xn-\p ti-jw Zp-_v--bm³ tKm- {X-¡mÀ A-_-kv tKm-{X-¡mÀ- ¡p t\-sc `o-I-c-am-b A-{I-a-Ww A-gn-¨p hn-«p. Xp-SÀ-¶p-Å B-{Ia-W-¯n ssJ-kp-_n³ kpssl-dn-sâ k-tlm-Z-c³ am-en-Ip _n³ kp-sslÀ sIm-Ã-s¸-«p. A-_-kv tKm-{X-¡mÀ: (BÀ-¯-«-l-kn-¨p sIm-v) ssJ-kp _n³ kp-ssl- dn-s\ ktlm-Z-c³ am-en-Ip _n³ kpsslÀ sIm-Ã-s¸-t«.. am-en-Ip _n³ kp-sslÀ sIm-Ãs¸-t«..

15 hn-Zq-j-I³: A-_-kv tKm-{X-¡mÀ am-en-Ip- _n³ kp-ssl-dn-sâ ar- X-tZ-l-hpsa-Sp-¯v A-h-cp-sS Iq-Sm-c-¯n-te- ¡pw Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-¡mÀ Ah-cp-sS kw-L-¯n \n-¶pw sImÃ-s¸-« lp-ssZ-^-Xp _n³ _-Zv--dnsâ ar-X-tZ-l-hp-sa-Sp- ¯v A-h-cpsS Iq-Sm-c-¯n-te-¡pw t]m-bn. (a-c-Wm-\-´-c IÀ-½-§-fp-sS _-l-f-§Ä D-bÀ-¶p s]m- §p-¶p)

16 cw-Kw: aq-¶v hn-Zq-j-I³: A-_-kv tKm-{X-hpw Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-hpw X-½n s]m-«n-¸p-d-s¸- « bp-²w \m-ev-]-Xp hÀ-j-t¯mfw \o-p \n-¶p. C-Xm B ]-c-¼-c-bn H-sc-®w. A-_-kv tKm-{X-¯n-se H-cp kw-Lw B-fp-IÄ In-g-¡p \n-¶p h-cp-¶p. Zp-_v--bm³ tKm-{X-¯n-se a-säm-cp kw-Lw ]-Snªm-dp `m-K-¯p \n-¶p h-cp-¶p. A-h-cp-sS D-Sp-¸p-I-sf-Ãmw hÀ-®-i-_-f-am-Wv. F-¶m A-c-¡-¨-I-fp-sS \n-dw Xq-sh-Å-bm-bn-cp-¶p. Iq-Sm-sX A-h-cp-sS X-e-¸m-hp-IÄ sh-fp-¯ XpWn-IÄ tNÀ-¯p Iq-«n-s¡-«n-b-Xm-bn-cp-¶p. bp-²w B-cw-`n-¨p.

17 hmÄ-¯-e-¸p-I-fp-sS {]-l-c-§-fp-sS i-Ð-hpw Ip-Xn-c-Ifp-sS On-¶w hn-fn-bpw A-´-co-£-¯n D-bÀ-¶p tIÄ- ¡p-¶p. C-S-bv-¡v s]-s«-¶m-Wv hm-¦p hn-fn-bp-sS i-Ðw D-bÀ-¶p tI-«-Xv. 'A-Ãm-lp A-Iv--_À.. A-Ãm-lp A-Iv--_À.... em-C-em-l C-Ã-Ãm-lv.... _m-¦p hn-fn-bp-sS B-c-hw D-bÀ-¶p s]m-§p-¶- Xn-\n-S-bn hm-fp-IÄ B-Im-i-¯n-te-¡v H-¶n-¨p-b-cpI-bpw ]n-¶o-Sv t\-sc \n-e-t¯-¡v Xm-gv-¶v a-®n Ip- ¯n-bn-d-§p-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp. F-Ãm-h-cpw hm-fp-I-fn ]nSn-¨p X-e Ip-\n-¨p \n-¶p. _m-¦p hn-fn A-h-km-\n-¨-tXm-sS `-S-·m-sc-Ãmw h-kv-{Xw am-dn sh-fp-¯ A-c-¡-¨-IÄ A-gn-¨p hn-cn-¨v ip- {`-\n-d-ap-Å X-e-¸m-hp-IÄ F-Sp-¯-Wn-ªp. F-Ãm-h-cpw B-bp-[-§Ä \n-e-¯p sh-¨v I--A- _m-e-b-¯n-sâ Zn-i-bn-te-¡p Xn-cn-ªp \n-¶v {]mÀ-°n- ¡p-hm-\m-bn ssI-I-fp-bÀ-¯n. H-cp kw-Lw B-fp-IÄ: A-Ãm-lp A-Iv--_À I-_o-dm, hkp-_v--lm-\-Ãm-ln _p-Iv--d-X³ h A-kzo-em... ({]mÀ-°-\ A-h-km-\n-¡m-dm-b-t¸mÄ) H-cp i-Ðw A-Xn-\n-S-bv-¡v D-bÀ-¶p tI-«p.

18 i-Ðw: am-\y-a-lm P-\-§-tf, {]-hm-N Xncp-ta-\n C-§-s\ A-cpÄ sN-bv-Xncn-¡p-¶p: hÀ-¤o-b-X-sb t{]m-Õm-ln-¸n- ¡p-¶-h³ \-½n s]-«-h-\-à hÀ-¤o-b-X-bv-¡m-bn t{]-cn-¸n-¡p- ¶-h³ \-½n s]-«-h-\-à hÀ-¤o-b I-em-]-¯n sIm-Ã-s¸- «-h-\pw \-½p-sS ]-£-¡m-c-\-Ã. P-\-§-tf, \-_n Xn-cp-ta-\n ]-d-bp-¶p: Hm a-\p-jy-tc, Pm-ln-en-¿m Im-e- ¯n-sâ Ip-e-a-ln-a-bpw ]n-Xm-¡- ·m-cp-sS t]-cn-ep-Å Du-äw ]-d-¨nepw \n-§-fn \n-¶pw A-Ãm-lp \n-jv-Im-k-\w sN-bv-Xn-cn-¡p-¶p. B-fp-IÄ c-p hn-`m-Kw am-{X-amWv; H-¶v, kÂ-Kp-W-\pw `-à-\pw A-Ãm-lp-hn-¦Ä am-\y-\p-am-bh³. c-v, sX-½m-Sn-bpw ]-cm-Pn-X- \pw A-Ãm-lp-hn-¦Â \n-Ir-jvT- \p-am-b-h³. P-\-§-sf-Ãmw B-Zan-sâ k-´-Xn-IÄ. B-Z-an-s\ AÃm-lp kr-ãn-¨-tXm a-®n \n- ¶pw. P-\-§-tf, \-_n(k) ]-d-bp-¶p: Hm a-\p-jy-tc, \n-§-fp-sS c-àhpw k-¼-¯pw \n-§Ä-¡n-S-bn A-h-a-Xn-¡m³ ]m-Sn-Ãm-¯-XmWv. Cu Zn-h-k-¯n-sâ ]-hn-{X-X

19 I-W-s¡, Cu am-k-¯n-sâ ]-hn- {X I-W-s¡, A-Ãm-lp-hn-s\ \n- §Ä I-p ap-«p-¶-Xp h-sc-bp-Å Øn-Xn C-Xp X-s¶-bm-Wv. \n- §Ä XoÀ-¨-bm-bpw \n-§-fp-sS \m-Y-s\ I-p ap-«p-I X-s¶ sN- ¿pw. A-t¸mÄ \n-§-fp-sS IÀ-½- §-sf Ip-dn-¨v A-h³ \n-§-tfm-Sp tNm-Zyw sN-¿pw. F-sâ Zu-Xyw Rm³ \nÀ--Æ-ln-¨n-cn-¡p-¶p. Rms\-s¶ G-ev-]n-¨ Im-cyw Ir-Xyam-bn \nÀ--Æ-ln-¨n-«n-tÃ? A-hÀ ]-d-ªp: A-tX, A-t¸mÄ {]-hm-N-I³ ]-d-ªp: A-Ãm-lp-th, \o km-£n \nÂ-¡- Ww. C-hn-sS Iq-Sn-\nÂ-¡p-¶-hÀ C-hnsS C-Ãm-¯-hÀ-¡v Zu-Xyw F-¯n- ¨p sIm-Sp-¡p-hn³. F-{X k-tµ-i hm-l-I-cm-Wv t{im-Xm-hn-t\-¡m an-Sp-¡-·mcm-bn-«p-Å-Xv! F-\n-¡p ti-jw \n-§-fn-em-cpw ]-c-kv-]-cw X-e sh-«p-¶ A-hnizm-kn-I-fm-bn am-d-cp-Xv. B-fp-I-sf-Ãmw ]-Sp-¯p-bÀ-¯n-b sI-«n-Sw t]m-se h-cn-h-cn-bm-bn Dd-¨p \n-¶p. D-d-bn \n-¶q-cn-b hm-fp-I-fp-ta-´n-s¡m-v Ah-cn-§-s\ hn-fn-¨p ]-d-ªp sIm-n-cp-¶p:

20 BÄ-¡q-«w: A-Ãm-lp A-Iv--_À, A-Ãm-lp AIv-_À, em C-em-l C-Ã-Ãm-lv A-Ãm-lp A-Iv-_À, A-Ãm-lp AIv-_À, h-en-Ãm-ln lw-Zv A-Ãm-lp A-Iv-_À I-_o-dm, h lw-Zp-en-Ãm-ln I-ko-dm h-kp-_v--lm-\-Ãm-ln _p-Iv--d-X³ h--A-kzo-em em C-em-l C-Ã-Ãm-lp h-lv--Z-lv, kz-Z-J h--A¬Z-lv, h-\-kz-d A- _v--Z-lv h--A-Ê Pp³--Z-lv, h-l-k-a A-- l-km-_ h-lv--Z-lv em-C-em-l C-Ã-Ãm-lv, h-em \--A-- _p-Z C-Ãm C-¿m-lv ap-Jv--en-ko-\ e-lp-±o³, h-eu-Icn-l Im-^n-dq³. END

21 ]-cn-`m-j-I-sâ Ip-dn-¸v (Translator’s Note) C- sXm- cp N- cn- {X \m- S- I- am-Wv. C-Xn-se kw- `-h- §- fpw I- Ym ]m- {X- §- fpw {]- hm-N-I \n- tbm- K- ¯n- sâ sXm- «p-ap- ¼pÅ A- td-_y³]- cn- k- c-§-sf {]- Xn-\n- [o-I- cn- ¡p-¶p. \n- ÊmcIm- cy- §Ä- ¡p th- n \o- Im-ew bp- ²w \- S-¡p-I F- ¶- Xv A- ¶- s¯ H- cpco-Xn-bm- bn- cp-¶p. A- ¯- cw H- cpkw-`-hs¯-bm- Wv Cu sIm-¨p \m- S- I- ¯n A- h- X- cn- ¸n- ¡p-¶- Xv. {]-hm-N-I³ ap-l- ½-Zv \-_n- bp- sS \n- tbm- K-¯n- \p ap- ¼p- Å Im-eL- «- ¯n \- S-¶ Ip-{]-kn-²-am-b H-cp bp- ²-amWv Zm- ln- kv h K- _v- -dm--Av. A- ¶- s¯ t]- cp-tI- « c- p tKm-{X- §- fm-bn- cp-¶ A-_- kv, Zp- _v--bm³ F-¶o k- aq- l- §Ä X- ½n- em- bn- cp-¶p \m- ev- ]- XphÀ- j- t¯m- fw \o-p \n- ¶ Cu bp- ²-]- c-¼- c A-c-t§-dn- b- Xv. b- YmÀ-°-¯n Zmln- kpw K-_v- -dm- Dw c- p Ip- Xn-c-I- fp- sS t]- cm- Wv. A- _- kv tKm-{X- ¯n- se {]- kn-²-\m-b ]- S- bm-fn ssJ-kp _n³ kpssl- dn- sâ Ip- Xn-c-bm- Wv 'Zm- ln- kv'. Zp- _v -- bm³ tKm- {X- ¯nse t]m- cm-fn lw-- ep-_n³ _- Zv-- dn- tâ- Xm-Wv K-_v- -dm-- Av. X- §- fp- sS Ip- Xn-c-I- fn G- Xn-\m- Wv Iq- Sp-X I- cp-¯v F- ¶ hnj- b- ¯n c- p t]À-¡p-an- S- bn H- cp XÀ- ¡-ap- m-bn. HSp- hn A- sXm- cp ]-´- b-¯n I- em- in- ¨p. ]- ´-b- ¯n P-bn- ¡p-¶ Ip- Xn-c-bv-¡v \q- dv H- «- I- §Ä k- ½m-\- am- bn \nÝ- bn- ¨p. a- cp-`q- an-bn- se \o- ZpÀ- L- S-am-b ]m- X- I-fn- eq-sS Zn- h- k- §- tfm-fw \o- p \nÂ- ¡p- ¶ Ip- Xn-c-tbm- « a- Õ- c- ¯n Zm- ln- km- bn- cp-¶p ap-¼n- se- ¯n- b- Xv. F- ¶m Zp- _v -- bm³ tKm- {X- ¸- S-bm- fn lw- ev-- Kq- Vm- tem-N-\ \- S- ¯p-I-bpw A-t±- l-¯n- sâ B- fp- IÄ h- gn- bn ]- Xn-bn- cp-¶v Zm-ln- kns\ {]- Xn-tcm-[n- ¡p-I-bpw K- _v- - dm- C- s\ ap- ¼n- se-¯n- ¡p-Ibpw sN-bv- Xp. C-Xp ]n-¶o-Sp Xn- cn- ¨-dn- ª A- _-kv \m-bI³ ssJ- kv lw- en- sâ k- tlm- Z-c³ lp- ssZ- ^- sb B- {Ian-¨p sIm- e-s¸- Sp-¯n. Ip-]n- X- cm- b Zp- _v -- bm³ tKm- {Xw ssJ-kn-sâ k-tlm- Z-c³ am-en- In-s\ h- [n- ¨p. B Xo- s¸mcn- IÄ h-en- sbm- cp I-em- ]-am- bn cq- ]w sIm- Åp- I-bpw Xp- SÀ- ¶p- m- b kw- LÀ- j-§Ä \m-ev - ]- Xp hÀ- j- t¯m- fw \op \nÂ-¡p-I- bpw sN-bv-Xp. C-§- s\ \n- c-h- [n bp-²- §Ä- ¡pw I- em- ]- §Ä- ¡pw km- £n- bm- b H- cp km- aq-ln-I kml-N-cy- ¯n- em-Wv k- am-[m-\-¯n- sâ k- tµ- i-hp- am- bn C- kv-- emw cw- K- {]-th- iw sN- ¿p-¶- Xv. C- Xm-Wv Cu sIm- ¨p \m- SI- ¯n- sâ {]- ta- bw.