The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

72 The family council removed Sultan Sulaimān ibn Muhammad al-Mażlūm from power. He was succeeded by Sultan Abdullāh ibn al-Khatīb Hassan Sabħa ibn the Just King. He had Prince Muhammad Kawāb ibn Muhammad al-Mażlūm as his visir. Like his predecessor, he ruled for only one and half years and was removed by the family council. Following him was his brother Ali ibn al-Khatīb Hassan Sabħa. His fate was no different from his two predecessors as one and half years later, he was removed from power. In his reign, Muhammad Kawāb continued to be the Emir. However, he was the true controller of the affairs of Kilwa to the point that he appointed the Sultans and removed them from their positions. He was