The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

74 go for Hajj. Emir Muhammad Kawāb was against the idea. The disagreement caused disturbance in Kilwa. Eventually, Hassan Sabħa, the mosque imam, left Kilwa to Mecca accompanied by his brother and his son, another man by the name of alMuhtasib, Muqaddam Sulaimān, and Sayyed Zubair ibn Sayyed Rawsh. Arriving in Mecca, they performed the Hajja and Umra, then travelled to visit the Prophet’s mosque in Medina. When Sultan Hassan Sabħa and the Kilwa dignitaries in his company had nished their religious duties, they offered the istikhara prayers asking Allah to decide their next course of action. In their prayers they supplicated: "O, Allah. If it is in Your Knowledge that our return to our country is good for us, we