The Biography of the Sultans of Kilwa

75 ask You to make our return easy. And if it is not, You know what is best." It seems that their prayers were answered as they all, except for two, died before they could make it back to Kilwa. Muqaddam Sulaimān died in Mecca, his brother in the Kamran Island, al-Muhtasib in some town and Sultan Hassan Sabħa in Aden. Only Sayyed Rawsh and his son returned to Kilwa alive. In Kilwa itself, when Sultan Hassan Sabħa left for Mecca, Emir Muhammad Kawāb deposed him and appointed in his place Ibrāhīm ibn Muhammad (the Just king). Sultan Ibrāhīm ruled for ve years. During the reign of Sultan Ibrāhīm, the ousted Sultan Hassan ibn Sulaimān ibn Yārik, spared no efforts to be reinstated as