Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

11 also, as far as possible, to provide them with advantages and honors. Considering, however, that these needs affected the clergy and ecclesiastics of the kingdom of Portugal; that the resources of this kingdom could hardly suffice, as stated above, for wars so important that extremely powerful enemies are waging against the name of Christian in many different places; and that it was the duty of our pastoral office to surround with care and solicitude that which is aimed at the defense and propagation of the faith. We therefore consider it worthy and just not only to listen with an attentive ear to the pious and devout supplications of the Catholic Kings, but also to provide for the assiduous efforts, perils and dangers they tirelessly endure for the honor of God and the triumph of the Catholic Church, and to make generously available the goods and income of the Church’s pecuniary resources for the needs of the churches themselves, their children and Christians, for clergy and laity alike, for the defense of salvation and the growth of the Catholic religion. Therefore, yielding to the supplications of King Philip, which he humbly addressed to us on this subject, we impose, decree and order, by our apostolic authority and by the contents of these letters, a subsidy of two hundred thousand ecus, in the currency of the said kingdom, called cruzado(1), to be levied once. It shall be raised by collectors appointed for this purpose by our venerable brother Anthony, Bishop 1- Cruzado: Gold coin, cast in Lisbon among the years (1495-1501).