Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

12 of Biseglia, by the Collector-General of the revenues of the Apostolic Chamber in the said kingdoms of Portugal and the Algarve, and by two persons, appointed as follows by the said King Philip and the clerics of the said kingdom. It will be levied considering the resources of the persons mentioned below, as well as time constraints, provided that the operation does not exceed four years. It will be levied for both offensive and defensive combat: both for the recovery, protection and safeguarding of the fortresses and places - which the kings of Portugal, predecessors of good memory of the aforesaid Philip, added to the Christian republic in these lands of the East Indies, by their courage and zeal, and those which King Philip himself, of no less great hope, intends to add in the future with the help of divine brilliance - and against the infidels, heretics and schematics living in these lands; and for no other use, for which we conscientiously hold the said King Philip and Bishop Anthony and others involved accountable. It shall be levied on the fruits, revenues, productions, rights objections, and emoluments of each and every cathedral,whethermetropolitan, collegiate or otherwise, monasteries, priories, hospitals ,in which de facto hospitality is not practiced, and of all other ecclesiastical benefits, with or without cure, of the seculars and of those of the order of St. Benedict, St. Augustine, and of Cîteaux, of Saint Jerome, and of all others, even those who hold property by privilege or otherwise , whether they are members of the orders of Cassian, Saint Justin, Saint Saviour, Saint George of Alga,