Papal Bull, Pope Urban VIII

21 said Michael for this task, not Doctor of Laws, but Master of Theology, as has been said. We, desiring to remove from you any matter of doubt concerning the foregoing, also bow to the supplications humbly made before us in the name of the said King Philip. Holding the appointment of the said Michael ,to the effect expressed in the letters inserted above, made both by the Archbishop and the clergy, and by Bishop Anthony and the Collector ,as aforesaid, to be ratified and good ,even though he is not Prelate and Doctor of Laws, we approve, validate and confirm by the authority hereof it and all that follows from it. To this we add the force of the inviolable apostolic permanence. And we make up for any defect, whether mentioned or not, in law or in fact, whatever it may be and however important it may be, in the principal or accessory, in whatever way it may occur. We decree that this appointment is and will be valid, firm and effective, as well as its ensuing vigor, the present letters and their contents; that their full and entire effect is fixed, that they are to be observed by each and every one whom they concern, that they are to be judged and determined eve here not otherwise than by the ordinary judges, delegates and auditors of the causes of the apostolic palace, and that it is against the law and without effect if it should happen to be otherwise, by any authority, informed or not.